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GOLD 999.9 Gin

GOLD 999.9 Gin

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  • 1 bottle of Gin Gold 999.9 (70 cl)
  • 4 bottles Tonic Fever Tree (20 cl)

Gold 999.9 Gin
In the early 20th century, when excavations were carried out in Alsace, a site of ancient treasures was discovered, including a gold still. After it became clear that these objects had no historical value, they were put up for sale.

One of the buyers was an amateur distiller, a man who immediately fell in love with the still and bought it. Throughout his life, this man searched for the perfect drink, the perfect distillation, an elixir as precious as the material used to produce it.

Eventually, he created a mandarin gin he called Gold 999.9, because he considered it the purest liquid gold.

Tonic Fever Tree
By blending essential oils from herbs we've harvested on the shores of the Mediterranean with premium quinine from "fever trees" in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we've created a delicate, floral Tonic Water.


Serve your Gold 999.9 tonic over ice with a twist of lemon or orange 5 cl GIN GOLD 999.9 + 15 cl tonic.

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