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  • 1 bottle Esprit d'Orge (50 cl)
Esprit d'Orge
Located in the small village of Hombourg, Brasserie du Grain d'Orge, a microbrewery turned small brewery, specializes in the production of exclusive beers (Extra, Schaesberg, Pré Messire, Inkelsbeer, etc.). Grain d'Orge's eight main beers are Brice, Joup, Canaille, double and triple d'Aubel, pure Aubel, Grelotte and The Pom.

Esprit d'Orge is an artisanal liqueur based on eau-de-vie produced by the perfect distillation of a malted long-keeping beer.

On the palate, it expresses the flavors of hoppy beers and is refined by a soft fruity color... A delight for connoisseurs!
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